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Management Philosophy and Greetings

Management Philosophy

Contributing to human advancement by making better quality products cheaper and with higher technological value


Asahi Chemical Co., Ltd. has established a quality policy based on the continuous development of new technology, improved quality and reduced costs. This policy has served us well over the years as we have expanded in value and diversified our capabilities. Since we were established in 1932, we have commercialized one new product after another and succeeded in contributing to the world around us.

Products made by the technologies we have developed (in organic synthesis (thiochemistry), high-pressure gas reactions, coupling reactions (Ullmann reaction), and emulsification) are used widely in the fields of electronic and information-related materials, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, and the environment.
In addition, by combining these core technologies, we are aggressively expanding into new fields where further growth is expected.

At the same time, we would like to contribute to human betterment by promoting CSR (corporate social responsibility) in such areas as compliance (legal compliance), protecting the environment, and safety measures.

We will continue to devote ourselves, day after day, to our aim of being a technology company that develops business with a global perspective.

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Obtained ISO9001:2015 for the Fukui Factory.

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