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The article 「The chemical specialists with the distinctive sulfur compound for success and philosophy of change」about our company was publised on Time Asia edition, June 6/ June 13, 2022 (Content by Global Kigyo)
Recruiting new graduate researchers at “Chemical Recruit”, a new employment site for chemists!
We began recruiting researchers on a recent-graduate job hunting site called "Chemical Recruit". The site is dedicated to serving chemistry students, and only carries listings posted by companies with excellent track records in chemistry.
Our company was reviewed in the Mizuho Bank “Fole” Newsletter.
Our proprietary sulfidation technology, which supports the industrial world, was presented on the "My Company, My Way" page of the April issue of Mizuho Bank’s "Fole" Newsletter.
An article of ours was published in Chemical Daily.
Our article, "Success in the development of efficient method of manufacturing polyvalent mercaptans" was published in Chemical Daily on February 12, 2020.
We became a member of the Technology Association of Bionics (MAB), which is a next-generation biopharmaceutical technology manufacturing association.
Our company has participated in “MAB”, which was established in September 2013, when it gathered together companies, universities and public research institutes to advance the manufacturing technology of next-generation biopharmaceuticals, etc. that meet international standards.
Our article was on the first page of that issue of Chemical Daily.
This article introduced our efforts to improve the efficiency of column cleaning during a continuous process of producing antibody-based medications. It featured our proprietary product, the organic sulfur compound "1-thioglycerol".
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Obtained ISO9001:2015 for the Fukui Factory.

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